How to Crack the password of Memory Card in Nokia Phones??

Are you using Nokia  Symbian Mobile Phones and you had forgotten the password of your Memory Card or want to hack the password of other's memory card?Then you came to right place.Here is a small trick,by which you can easily reset your forgotten Memory card password.Please note that,this trick is only for Symbian Nokia Phones,If you are using it then go ahead and enjoy this trick.

Reset Memory Card Password!!

  • First of all install go and install "X-plore application" in your mobile.
  • Now after installing the application,Run the application and press 0 (zero) key and select the "show system files" option
  •  Now go to C:/Sys/Data/MmcStore
  • Press the keypad button to open the options.
  • Now click on the "Hex Viewer" option
  • Now in the 3rd column of your screen you will see something like ! TMSD02G (c??”?x???6?2?6?2?6)
  • Now after the ?,note down all your the numbers,this is only your password of Memory Card.For my above example the password is 62626
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    Anonymous said...


    saadat jaan said...

    can you please tell me how to crack password of Nokia xpress music ??

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    Kumarisai Lakshmi said...

    plzz can say the password of my memory card

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